Honored Heroes Artists Quilt Project

In January 2012, Gabriella was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Gabby was the second young lady I knew in as many months diagnosed with this terrible disease. The news broke my heart. A third friend’s daughter was also diagnosed 10 months later. All three girls were under the age of 10. I felt driven to do something to help cure this disease.

October 18, 2015

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Now read on to find out how this gorgeous piece came to be a reality…


Honored Heroes Artists Quilt project, by Fort Worth Magicians Club

Gabby’s father, Al, is a well-loved member of The Fort Worth Magicians Club (FWMC) and a participant in the Honored Hero Run (HHR) held in Trinity Park every October. After approaching the women in the FWMS, we agreed to the idea of making a quilt as a fundraiser for the HHR and the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for blood cancer research.

Every year, kids with Leukemia and Lymphoma participate in a logo-drawing contest for the HHR event as an inspiration to get involved and raise awareness, while honoring those who have battled or are currently battling blood cancer. This quilt is a compilation of their artistic talents. We studied each piece of artwork, inspired by the positive and courageous messages of every young patient. Our goal was to create a fitting tribute to these amazing young people and thus, the Honored Heroes Artists Quilt project was born.

Each artist’s work is encased in a bold, colorful frame. The frame colors are repeated in the outer border – the colors of the rainbow, a promise of hope. The motif fabric between the artwork represents our hope that these and all children, will soon enjoy the everyday things of an active, normal kid. The rainbow colors are also used in the quilting thread, symbolizing their strength that ties every day of their lives together as they face treatment, school and other daily activities. The crayon print on the back depicts the medium used to create most of the artwork.

Finally, the quilt is bound with orange representing the ribbon for awareness of Leukemia & Lymphoma and to show support for the patients, survivors, their family and friends.

Creating the Honored Heroes Artists Quilt was not without its challenging moments. The process to get legal consent to use the artwork took nearly a year. Meanwhile, the FWMC ladies were not idle. We planned, tossed around, and out, several block design ideas before settling on one. Some of the women in the club offered to help select, cut and iron fabric, since sewing is not in their arsenal of talents.

Member Ruth Porter passed away from cancer before she could participate in piecing the quilt. Associate Karen Heil lost her husband to cancer around the time we started cutting and stitching. Member Pam Jenkins became the sole caregiver for her husband during his lengthy stay in the hospital and rehab.

Honored Heroes Artists Quilt project, by Fort Worth Magicians ClubThere were heart-warming moments as well. Nancy Alexander, my life-long friend, and Margie Peyton, owner of Sew So Easy Quilt Shop in Saginaw, TX, selflessly offered experienced guidance during construction of the top and back portions of the quilt. Nancy spent tireless hours at the ironing board while offering words of encouragement in the wee morning hours. Laurel Hinze, a magician’s wife who lives outside Atlanta, GA, quilted the components together. Laurel was never out of contact, with today’s technology, the 1,000 mile separation was hardly noticed. None of this would have been possible without the contributions of each of these wonderful women, generous donations of fabric, talent and time – and coffee, LOTS of coffee!!

One other trial worth noting is the fabric we used for the quilt backing. We found 2 yards of the crayon fabric which was perfect for this project, in Fort Worth but we needed four yards to make the quilt. Fortunately, on a business trip to Houston, there was a fabric shop that had 2.25 yards left on the bolt, exactly the yardage needed to finish the backing and make another for the sample piece.

Oh, yes, the sample piece…Since Laurel was so far away and a cell-phone photo does not reflect the true colors of the quilt, we made a sample block and back for Laurel to practice her quilting colors and stitches. Rather than tossing the finished piece into the scrap pile, Laurel turned this sample into a charming tote bag, perfectly sized for carrying the quilt. 🙂

Not one of us is a professional quilter – except for Margie. We are ‘Forever Beginners’ with a strong desire to help find a cure for blood cancer so that these children can lead long, productive lives. They have already proven that thy are strong, leaders and fighters. We need them in our future.

It is our sincere hope that this quilt brings as much enjoyment to its new owner as it did for us during planning and construction.

Magically Yours,
~ Cindy Bighorse
Secretary, The Fort Worth Magicians Club


Every year we meet more amazing people willing to give their time and energy to help make our event a success.  And we know that there are many more passionate people who believe in our cause that we haven’t even met yet.  Whether they are living with cancer, or know someone who is, their stories are what motivate all of us.  These are just a few stories of many…if you know someone who is a community hero for the Honored Hero Run, share their story with us, we want to celebrate them too!

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