Kye, Age 7, Featured Artist, 2013

Kye, aka Superman

Kye was diagnosed with Acute Lymphatic Leukemia (A-L-L) on November 4, 2010. The Chemo Therapy is extremely intense the first 6mos and we were in the hospital approximately 4 out of the 6 mos receiving treatment. I am a single mom with 3 children. Kye is my oldest. My mom helped me keep his siblings, Kaleb and Tori, involved while we were at the hospital. They all enjoyed all the activities the hospital offered.

Kye, Age 7, Featured Artist, 2013Kye has been a warrior from the word “GO”. His strength comes from our Lord. He has endured the treatment like a Super Hero! Batman is his alter-ego, but to surprise the nurse at Cook Children’s Hemotology/Oncology Clinic, he drew Superman for the Logo. He imagines Superman’s powers to be the strongest and most effective defense against the enemy. Kye plays baseball and enjoys playing video games. He’s a great big brother and is a gentleman, opening doors for the ladies and helping take care of chores. Kye works hard to excel academically, he is a source of encouragement to me and my Hero! We are looking forward to completion of Kye’s treatment in June 2014.

Kye, Age 7, Featured Artist, 2013


The children we meet who are fighting a battle with blood cancer are some of the most inspirational people we know. Thanks to the special group of kids that participate in the logo drawing contest, each year we have a new logo to represent our event. And every year that logo inspires people to get involved in Our Mission: To bring the community together in a collective effort to raise awareness of and funds for blood cancer research, while honoring those who have battled or are currently battling blood cancer.

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