Jaden, age 6, Featured Artist 2016

Jaden’s Courage

Jaden, is a courageous 6 year old that fought CANCER like a warrior! Jaden was 6 years old, and five weeks into his first grade year at a new school, when he was diagnosed with B Cell Lymphoma. Jaden is a very intelligent child that knows God is real, and loves swimming, soccer, church, and music. Everywhere he goes, he somehow manages to touch the heart of others. He loves his little sister, Cameron, and thrives to teach her everything he knows.

Jaden with his familyHe was diagnosed with B Cell Lymphoma on September 29, 2015. Our entire family was in total shock when they heard the news. This was a child that had never been sick or complained about anything bothering him. Before him there was no else in our immediate family that had cancer. This journey all started with his right eye continually tearing. The ophthalmologist thought it was a blocked tear duct. He was given a steroid, and we were told to hope and pray that it open up. About three weeks after the office visit, a small nodule started forming near his inner eye. The ophthalmologists wanted to place a stent to open up what we thought was a blocked tear duct. On September 25, 2016, 30 minutes into surgery the doctor came out and informed us that he found a mass near Jaden’s right orbital. An MRI was done immediately and surgery was performed to remove the mass the next day. A PET/CT scan showed an enlarged lymph node in his right neck.

Jaden received five rounds of intense chemotherapy at Cooks Children in Fort Worth for Stage II B Cell Lymphoma. His treatment regimen required a 5-6 day stay in the hospital receiving chemotherapy and spinal taps with his praying grandmother right by his side through it all. He would be discharged home for about 2 ½ weeks and then return for the next round. During his hospital stay, he never once complained about receiving treatment. Jaden with Grandma

His words were, just go through It, when asked about receiving chemotherapy. Although he states, that receiving the spinal chemotherapy was the hardest part, his courage from God helped him get through.
Daily, his grandmother stayed with him at home and the hospital, allowing his mom and dad to work and care for his infant baby sister. Jaden’s journey, his strength and faith, has brought us all closer together as a family. On January 24, 2016 he received his last round of chemotherapy. On February 10, 2016 his PET scan showed that Jaden was cancer free. Now in remission, he is healthy and active in karate, soccer, and ecstatic about returning to school.


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