Rowdy’s Lemonade Stand

Rowdy: Age 7

~ Opened his own lemonade stand to raise money for the Honored Hero Run!

First grader at Valley view, Rowdy K., set up his stand on Oct. 20th from 8am til about 4pm.  Rowdy usually plays flag football on Saturdays however he chose to miss his game to stay home and raise money.  

Rowdy, age 7, opened a lemonade stand raise money Honored Hero Run!He remembers his aunt Kelcey having treatment and all the days she didn’t feel like getting out of bed to play with him! His parents are so proud of this ‘lil guy.  This was an idea he actually thought of himself and he made it happen. He even had some out-of-towners come all the way out to from Keller contribute!!



Rowdy, age 7, opened a lemonade stand raise money Honored Hero Run!


Every year we meet more amazing people willing to give their time and energy to help make our event a success.  And we know that there are many more passionate people who believe in our cause that we haven’t even met yet.  Whether they are living with cancer, or know someone who is, their stories are what motivate all of us.  These are just a few stories of many…if you know someone who is a community hero for the Honored Hero Run, share their story with us, we want to celebrate them too!

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